Personalized Mobile Concierge services

Dr. Sean Satey and his team offer mobile concierge services to clients across Los Angeles County, California tailored to both celebrities and non-celebrities who value privacy, flexibility, and top-tier treatment.

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Exclusive Access

Gain priority access to Dr. Sean Satey and our top-tier medical services. Benefit from our streamlined process that minimizes wait times and maximizes your comfort bringing him to the comfort of your home.

VIP Treatment

This service is perfect for celebrities who require discretion, as well as non-celebrities who appreciate the luxury of personalized, off-site medical care.

Tailored to you

We understand that each patient is unique. Our bespoke services are designed to address your specific concerns and goals, providing you with customized solutions in the comfort of your own home. Please, call us directly to schedule with our patient care coordinator.

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