Mommy makeover

Semaglutide is a revolutionary approach in the field of medical weight loss, now offered by Dr. Sean Satey at his Beverly Hills clinic.

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What is a mommy makeover?

This comprehensive treatment typically combines procedures like tummy tuck, breast lift or augmentation, and liposuction to address areas most affected by pregnancy and breastfeeding. Dr. Satey works closely with each patient to understand their specific concerns and aesthetic goals, ensuring a personalized treatment plan that addresses their unique needs. This transformation not only enhances physical appearance but also supports a woman’s overall well-being.

Top benefits

  • Restored Body Contour: The combination of procedures effectively restores the body’s contour and shape to its pre-pregnancy appearance.

  • Improved Comfort and Appearance: Procedures such as tummy tuck can remove excess skin and tighten abdominal muscles, improving both the physical comfort and appearance.

  • Enhanced Self-Esteem: Renewed body confidence can significantly boost self-esteem and overall quality of life.

  • Customized Treatments: Each Mommy Makeover is tailored specifically to the patient’s body type and aesthetic goals, ensuring that individual results are both effective and satisfying.

Ideal candidates

Ideal candidates for a Mommy Makeover are women who have completed their families and are looking to address the physical changes that persist after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Candidates should be at a stable weight, not planning future pregnancies, and should have realistic expectations about the outcomes. Dr. Satey ensures a thorough consultation to assess overall health, discuss potential risks and benefits, and plan the surgical approach that best meets the needs of the patient. It’s important for candidates to be non-smokers or willing to quit, as smoking can complicate both the surgery and the recovery process.

Our approach

Dr. Satey’s clinic provides a comprehensive support system throughout the Mommy Makeover process. From the initial consultation to post-operative care, our team is dedicated to ensuring the safety, comfort, and satisfaction of each patient. We offer detailed pre-operative guidance, personalized post-surgery care plans, and follow-up appointments to monitor recovery. Psychological support is also available to help patients through their transformation journey, ensuring they feel supported emotionally as well as physically.


Recovery times can vary depending on the extent of the surgery and the individual. Generally, patients should expect to take it easy for the first 2-4 weeks post-operation, with full recovery taking up to several months.

The results can be long-lasting, provided that patients maintain a stable weight and follow a healthy lifestyle. However, future pregnancies or significant weight changes can affect the results.
Yes, Mommy Makeovers typically involve combining multiple procedures to address various concerns in a single session. This approach minimizes overall recovery time and maximizes the aesthetic results.
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